Black Climber B.C. has presented its men collection of autumn-winter named 2019-2020 ‘High Life’ within the scope of Fashion Week Istanbul.

Choreography was made by Öner Evez and Yakup Biçer. Celebrities of the social life were between the participants: Buket Taşdelen and Lee Akay, Nesrin Cavadzade, Basketball player of Galatasaray ZachAugust, from the basketball team of Darussafaka Markel Brown.

The label of Climber B.C does not export only products but also the conceptions, it exhibited a fashion show first in FashionWeekIstanbul in fashion week of İstanbul. The collection named 'Black’, designed by Ümit Ünal, a doyen in Turkish design, is made the closure of the fashion week of the autumn-winter collection of Climber B.C 2019-2020.

Member of board of the label, Mr. Mithat Samsama, in its speech, he declared that, 'Ümit Ünal is the designer of the collections with narrating his manner with less color. He is inspired from the American poet Sylvia Plath, legendary English music group the Beatles and soloist of Queen Freddie Mercury. With the collection of 2019-2020 Autumn-Winter, we pledge a season where the forms, the tissue, the materials, the details, the accessories, the stiles and the combinations compose a new stance'.

Samsama added a new and hard color smasher with the collections of Blackplus as black, white, grey, anthracite, khaki and ecru with black-blue to Black Climber B.C, 2019-2020 Autumn-Winter Bblackjns, using an innovator expression, emphasizing the single color monochrome expression at the images. In the collection, shiny surfaces attract the attentions: There are metallic and satin surfaces and materials with mirror effects, all of them show a work of perfectionist consciousness and remember us the period of reflections. Satin coats with weight in grams belonging to the winter, surfaces with fur effects and voluminous leather, forms of long military greatcoats and a life with big mobilities and the esthetic of contrasts of the mat and shiny surfaces are reflected as 'High Life’ in the collection. Jean trousers remarked in alternative designs at a tapered and carrot form, slim cargo with black mat jean trousers are the complementaries of satin coats, Blackjns narrow molds, simple form trousers, very private finishing washing works are the powerful alternatives separating each design from the other' declared.

Climber By Cuno continues to successfully store abroad

Climber By Cuno continues its investments with the vision of being a global fashion brand and continues to expand its store network all over the world. Focusing on Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkic Republics markets, the brand is moving confidently towards becoming a global fashion brand with its store opened in June 2019 in Crimea.

Customer-Oriented Collection Presentation For The New Season

CLIMBER BY CUNO brand introduced the 2020/21 Fall-Winter Men's Collection in a special invitation organized at the Central Showroom. The presentation by Yakup Samsama, the presenter, the Climber by Cuno Brand Director, and Emre Erdemoğlu, in styling, the Brand Designer, which has been presented to the customers’ appreciation attracted great attention.

The CLIMBER BY CUNO 2020/21 Fall-Winter Men's Collection, designed from the main theme of “Risponse” reveals the unique personality of the urban man with designs that support imagination and creativity, attractive/eye-catching details and sharp silhouette. Open, unstable, high forms, natural prototypes and intuitive designs are appreciated. In the new age where manual labour/hand workmanship is important, the tailor workmanship also becomes valuable.

The classic suit concept, which has gained a strong personality with the new one-piece product qualities developed in the “Smart Casual” suit concept, is designed to include new fit suggestions along with the usual fit.

All of the fabric choices include woollen and naked cashmere, and popular Italian companies such as Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Albano Morgado, Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino, Lanıfıcıo Roma, Mario Bellucci. The collection, which is made of special finishing fabrics, gives and adds a new dimension and breath to the Italian style.

s The CLIMBER BY CUNO 2020/21 fall-winter Collection offers elegant and self-confident men the opportunity to explore the richness of imagination and express themselves more freely and creatively in the dynamic of the city.

Climber by Cuno in Moscow Sixth Monobrand Store Opened

Climber by Cuno which produces clothing designs for urban ready-made clothing needs in Turkey, has opened its sixth monobrand stores in Moscow, one of the largest cities in Russia.

Zekeriya Samsama, the member of the Board of Directors of Cuno Group, Feridun Bafler, Commercial Counsellor of Moscow Turkish Embassy, and Mustafa Sarıhan, Russia Merchandising Coordinator, and many brand representatives participated in the opening ceremony of the store offering service in “Dream Island” Entertainment and Shopping Mall, which is considered as “Disneyland” in Russia.

More than 60 thousand visitors visited the Dream Island, the largest indoor entertainment park in Europe, with an area of 100 hectares, on the first day of the opening in Moscow despite the valued/costly ticket prices. The opening of Dreams Island in Moscow has become one of the most popular event in 2020 especially in Russia.

Zekeriya Samsama, the member of the Board of Directors of Cuno Group, stated that “Climber by Cuno has started to expand abroad with smart and correct plans and the esteemed partners gradually, considering that it has reached brand maturity since 2015. We opened our sixth store in a very pleasant and enjoyable place, Moscow. It is very exciting. Our aim is to open 10 monobrand stores is Moscow until the end of 2021.”

“Considering the market itself and customer traffic, we see that globalization is also very common in fashion. No matter where they are in the world, there is a certain standard, a sense of fashion and a sense of originality in women’s and men’s clothing. That's why we see and consider Climber by Cuno as a lucky and high potential brand in this regard. We see great potential in Russia, especially in Moscow in this regard, with our brand stance and original design styles in women’s and men’s clothing.”