Customer-Oriented Collection Presentation For The New Season

CLIMBER BY CUNO brand introduced the 2020/21 Fall-Winter Men's Collection in a special invitation organized at the Central Showroom. The presentation by Yakup Samsama, the presenter, the Climber by Cuno Brand Director, and Emre Erdemoğlu, in styling, the Brand Designer, which has been presented to the customers’ appreciation attracted great attention.

The CLIMBER BY CUNO 2020/21 Fall-Winter Men's Collection, designed from the main theme of “Risponse” reveals the unique personality of the urban man with designs that support imagination and creativity, attractive/eye-catching details and sharp silhouette. Open, unstable, high forms, natural prototypes and intuitive designs are appreciated. In the new age where manual labour/hand workmanship is important, the tailor workmanship also becomes valuable.

The classic suit concept, which has gained a strong personality with the new one-piece product qualities developed in the “Smart Casual” suit concept, is designed to include new fit suggestions along with the usual fit.

All of the fabric choices include woollen and naked cashmere, and popular Italian companies such as Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Albano Morgado, Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino, Lanıfıcıo Roma, Mario Bellucci. The collection, which is made of special finishing fabrics, gives and adds a new dimension and breath to the Italian style.

s The CLIMBER BY CUNO 2020/21 fall-winter Collection offers elegant and self-confident men the opportunity to explore the richness of imagination and express themselves more freely and creatively in the dynamic of the city.

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