Climber B.C Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in Istanbul

Climber B.C will present with a magnificent fashion show, organized in Zorlu PSM within the scope of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week İstanbul at the date of 22 March on Friday, its autumn/winter 2019 collections.

With a powerful collection, Climber B.C is ready to make a stamp to the fashion week It will present a new consciousness of life and clothing to the fashion lovers in the new season. More genuine and more free. The colors are more private with semitones. At the coats, the stances are more steep. The trousers are more esthetic. Narrow cuts, elegant cuts, natural colors and exclusive forms are dominated in the collection. There is an elite attitude in all models.

The most common portrait of the recent times, an urban man image but living in the nature. In the collection there is a natural comfort and fashion consciousness making live both of them together. Who is enjoying life, idyllic, means also hedonist, free, lively, self-confident and charismatic.

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