CLIMBER B.C. 2019/20 New Season Fall – Winter Season Collection photo shooting is completed

With its strong design fiction and new design in each season, campaign photo shooting of autumn - winter Climber B.C 2019/20 is realized in Santral Photography-Maslak which carrying today’s modern urban man having a style. The styling took place under the leadership of the brand's designers Ümit Ünal and Emre Erdemoğlu. In photo frames taken by Hakan Adil, international models for famous brands Nikola Simicic and Nicholas Martin Cabral have been the face of advertising and walked accross camera for Climber B.C.

In the fairy tale atmosphere of the studio, in photo shooting where we are animating attractive and dynamic urban man, Climber B.C customers of the new season are forced to be better and more qualified. To create a trend, to read the tendencies better and to understand and to reflect better the new generation, the designs are prepared very studiously and reflected to the collections.

Courage, consistency, self-confidence and wisdom are underlined in the collections in a more identified way and with a special definition. Selected surfaces, fabrics, accessories, designs we create, places we spend time, architectural designs, life stories, elements and profiles are the source of our inspiration.

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